Welcome to Northwest Packer Backers!

Hello fellow Packer fans,

We, like many others around the country are great fans of the Green Bay Packers. As you well know, no matter where you go in this USA, you’ll always find Packer Fans gathering to watch the Pack play. The Green Bay Packers, unlike most teams, have a die hard following of fans everywhere. You have found us in the Great Northwest, as we celebrate our 24th year together.

Each Game Day during football season, you can find us at our Packer bar, The Mustard Seed Grill & Pub in Newport Hills, WA with our fellow Packer Backers rooting for the team. We invite you to come on by and have a great time with the best Packer Fans in Washington!! You’ll see how much we have! Check out our Club links below to see photos and videos of our group on game days! Please check us out on Facebook and sign our Guestbook. Until then, thanks for visiting and GO PACK GO!!

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2014 Schedule

2014 Packers schedule

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NWPB Club Meeting and Events Dates

Hello Northwest Packer Backer Club Members and Sponsors,

Well the season has ended for our Packers and the off-season has been here. This season ended too early for me and now we need to wait till May for the draft. I sure miss Packer football!! How about all of you? Thank You All for joining us for the 2013 Northwest Packer Backer football season. You all have helped us to have a great year again for our charities. I look forward to what we can continue to do for our charities in 2014! At our first off-season meeting on April 27th we have plenty of items for discussion. Please keep your eyes open for your newsletter coming via mail…..

Listed below you will see the upcoming schedule for our Club Sponsor meetings and events as well as the Annual Northwest Packer Backer picnic. We want to see you all there and help us shape our 2014 season!

Here are some important dates to remember, so please add them to your calendars:

April 27th @ 1:00 pm first off-season meeting and event to be held at the Mustard Seed.

May 10th – NFL Draft – To be Announced

June TBD @ 1:00pm – second off-season sponsor meeting 

July 26th – 2014 Kick off Annual NWPB summer picnic at 12:00 pm with Sponsor meeting at 3:00 pm. Games will be held with Packer prizes given to winners!

August TBD – First preseason game at the Mustard Seed. All preseason games will be shown live at the Mustard Seed.

Additional details and locations will be announced at the first off-season Club Member / Sponsor Meeting! We look forward to seeing you all and to help us shape the 2014 Northwest Packer Backer football season. Please let us know if any of you have any questions. You can reach us by emailing us at nwpackerbackers@gmail.com


GO PACK and look forward to seeing you all!!

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2013 Season Wrap Up!

Hello Packer Fans and NWPB Club Members!

The season is now over for all teams in the NFL and I for one have been missing Packer football since their loss in the playoffs. I know you Packer fans feel the same way!  The Club itself another great season with over 100 Sponsors signing up and awesome donations to charity! We donated $3000 to Christmas House; $1000 to Annie’s Kitchen and donated over 1,500 lbs. of food to Northwest Harvest. Thank you all for participating to help us make a difference. There were many new faces packing the Seed game after game and it was a great time! Check back for off season news regarding Sponsor Meetings, get togethers and the annual picnic dates!

Well time to look forward to the 2014 Packer season and with that in mind; NFL Free Agency starts March 11th. I would like to see the Pack dip their toes in this year. Not to just sign someone to sign someone, but if the price is right and the personnel would fit, why not? The next event for the Packers is the NFL Draft, the date for that has changed. It used to be in April, but not it has moved to May 8th – 10th and starts on a Thursday and ends on Saturday.

I must say that the offense could use a couple pieces in the draft, but the defense definitely needs some help either via free agency or the draft. Just think there were so many woulda, shoulda, coulda moments last season. With the amount of injuries sustained, it was amazing that the Pack won the division and made it to the playoffs. I see this team being hungry next season and with the addition of more talent can make a run to achieve their quest of bringing the Lombardi trophy home to Green Bay.

Keep your eyes open for upcoming events for the Northwest Packer Backers in the near future. There will be posts on our Facebook page as well as emails sent out!

Until the next event, GO PACK!!

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Packers Playoff Game Update

Hello Packer Fans and NWPB Club Members!
What an unbelievable season thus far. The win in Soldier Field against our oldest rivalry and the oldest rivalry in the NFL was literally amazing. Time for the Packers to keep that momentum going with a run in the playoffs! I for one felt like the Packers were going to win this game from the beginning. I really did not feel that the Packers were out of this game at any time! Well time for the defense to show up a little more next Sunday when we play the 49ers! Speaking about next Sunday…
Here is some helpful information for Packers fans.
1)   We will be the only playoff game starting at 1:40 pm kickoff.
2)   The game will be shown on all TV’s in the Mustard Seed.
3)   We will have sound of the game throughout the Mustard Seed.
4)   We will continue to have our charity raffle.
5)   Check out the photo from last Sunday’s Packers vs. Bears game below!
We do recommend arriving at least one hour prior to kick off to allow you to get your seating of choice! We will do our best to accommodate as many Packer fans as possible, but do expect all Packer fans to show their kindness and courteousness to the staff at the Mustard Seed and other patrons! Remember, Ken at the Mustard Seed provides us a great game day experience for all of us Packer fans to enjoy! If any Sponsor/Club Member or Packer fan has any questions, please email us at nwpackerbackers@gmail.com and we will answer you in a timely fashion.
We look forward to seeing you all! Until Sunday, GO PACK!!
Jerry Garner
Northwest Packer Backers
Awesome turnout for the Packers vs Bears last Sunday! Full House with Standing Room Only!

Awesome turnout for the Packers vs Bears last Sunday! Full House with Standing Room Only!

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Happy Holidays Packer fans!!

We trust that you all have had a good Christmas and will have a Happy New Year! The Northwest Packer Backers extend warm wishes to all, especially Packer Fans!! :) In the honored tradition that the Northwest Packer Backers have done each year donating to charities here is the Pacific Northwest. Last Sunday we were able to make our donation for Christmas to the charity “Christmas House”! Christmas House was able to assist over 11,000 children and families. They are a tremendous help to the community and 0.98¢ out each dollar goes to assist children and families! We, the Northwest Packer Backers are proud to donate to this charity! Great job everyone for your participation in our charity raffles! GO PACK! See you all Sunday at the Mustard Seed! :)

A $3,000 Donation!

A $3,000 Donation!

Charity Donation to Christmas House!

Charity Donation to Christmas House!

Club President Jerry Garner presenting this season’s donation of $3000 to the Christmas House!


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Happy Thanksgiving Packer Fans!

What a great turnout yesterday at the Mustard Seed! So the final numbers are in for the Northwest Harvest food drive for last Sunday! We brought in nearly 500 lbs of food. So congrats to the Raider fan club for winning the CHALLENGE! But also congrats to all of you that have participated in our FOOD DRIVE on Nov. 17th and this year. 

In addition to the 500 lbs of food for the Nov. 17th challenge, we have donated several hundreds of pounds of food this year to Northwest Harvest. In the end the people in need win. Isn’t it great how football fans come together to do something awesome? Isn’t it great being a Packer Fan?

All I have to say is GO PACK and Have a Great Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving DonationNorthwest Packer Backers Thanksgiving Donation to Annie’s Kitchen! 

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Packer fans keep you chin up!

Hey Packer fans and club members….. I have done a lot of thinking today, read a lot today and here is what I come up with…. Things are not as nearly bad as some would think it is… we have been without the following starters and backups for multiple games, Burnett, Matthews, Perry, B. Jones, Hayward, Francois, Bulaga, Harris, J. Jones, Cobb, Finley, Lacy, Kuhn, Bush, Starks, Taylor and Van Roten. We went on a 4 game win streak with all of these injuries. I am of the opinion that if we got into the end zone for a touchdown on both drives that were inside the 5 we would have won that game. Sure it sucks that Rodgers fractured his collarbone and that has an effect on the game, but you know what we were not out of the game by any means. It wasn’t like the Bears ran away with the game? NO! We were still in it to the end. Wallace did not have any time to sync with the receivers during the week as McCown had 2 weeks, let me say that again 2 weeks to prepare for the Pack and with the players we were missing on offense and defense including Rodgers, playing against our backups they still only won by 7 points. Also most of you did not know that TJ Lang left the game early in the third quarter. That made a huge difference in the second half. Chicago blitzed and stunted to that side and Barclay and Newhouse did not handle the stunts properly. In fact it was very poor play by both of those lineman which led to the pressure on Wallace.

Let’s look at the next 3 opponents of the Packers. They will face Eagles @ home, then @ the Giants and then @ home against the Vikings. The Pack has the possibility of winning all 3 of those games. The Packers are the second best rushing team in the NFL at 148.8 yards a game and only trail S.F. by 5 yards for first. Now lets think about that. Green Bay has the second best rushing game in the NFL. Lacy and Starks average 4.4 and 6 yards per carry. McCarthy will have a full week to prepare Wallace or whoever else (my money is on Wallace). You will see a better prepared QB and a better game plan based on who we have available. The time now is not for doom and gloom. This is the time to see who steps up and performs. This is not your Packers of the 70′s or 80′s, this is the Packers era where we have Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy to lead this team. It is only 3 years ago that we had this many injuries and won the Super Bowl. Remember the statistic that was provided during the Viking game, 50 of 53 players have only played for the Packers! Now lets put up our chins and look forward to the new run game we have to assist us to win games while our MVP QB gets healthy! For those who have not endured the 70′s or 80′s years, please go read about it and you may appreciate these times for the Packers!! I guess that is all that I have to say for now except for GO PACK GO!!!


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Packers vs Bears

Packer vs. Bears, does it get any better? It is the oldest rivalry in the NFL. Boy, I am sure glad that I am a Packer fan and being able to cheer on the PACK!! But you know what? THE BEARS STILL SUCK! That pretty much sums it up, don’t you agree? I am sure happy our Packers are getting healthier, but even with them getting healthier; the team has had many players step up and perform.  Who would have thought that the performance on defense would be this good, even with Clay Matthews, Nick Perry and Brad Jones out? Well let’s GO PACK and beat these Bears…. GO PACK GO!!

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Welcome to Game Day week 7!!

What a game by the Pack last week against the Ravens. Players stepped up on defense and offense. I look forward to that trend continuing this week when the Packers play the Browns at Lambeau Field. It was pretty amazing seeing the Packer defense keep the Ravens to 44 yards rushing. Several players stepped up on defense and the running game is now getting more consistent every week. Did you know that the Packers average over 140 yards per game! Even when we get our receivers back it will open up the passing game even more. I was reviewing some information about the Packer’s remaining schedule and this is what I found.

“The Packers would appear to have the best balance of offense and defense. Obviously, Aaron Rodgers is still a great player and the best quarterback in the division. But have you seen what Green Bay is doing on the ground? The Packers are third in the NFL in rushing and fifth in average gain. The Packers’ defense is third in the league against the run and appears to be getting better every week. On the injury front, the Packers have been hit harder, losing Bryan Bulaga for the year and Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb for extended periods, but they haven’t missed a beat yet. Green Bay has quality wins over Detroit and Baltimore and its losses came against the 49ers and Bengals. They only have three games left against winning teams (Detroit and the Bears twice.)”

The game will not be shown locally over the airwaves but will be shown here at the Mustard Seed Grill & Pub! Here also is a reminder that we are continuing our Food Drive effort with Northwest Harvest. As many of you know, Ken here at the Mustard Seed Grill & Pub has joined us in this food drive. If anyone has any questions about the food drive please email us. See you this Sunday! GO PACK!

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Packer/NWPB Bye Weekend

Well we made it thru another bye week for our Packers; gosh that was too long! This past weekend we had some activities for the Northwest Packer Backers. On Saturday we had a group about 25 participate in volunteering at Northwest Harvest’s distribution center. We have a few pictures posted on our Facebook page to see. Prior to the volunteer work we tailgated in the rain and had some brats and sauerkraut. We did have some cover so we did not get drenched, even though it was down pouring. 

The volunteer work we performed was bagging and boxing frozen fresh green beans. The Northwest Packer Backers assisted in bagging and boxing a total of 4,050 pounds of green beans. This in turn feeds over 3,300 people. I just would like to say “Thank you!” to those who did brave the weather and come out to volunteer. This was extremely fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

Our first in-season Sponsor meeting was held on Sunday at the Mustard Seed. We had group come out again braving the rainy weather. We were hoping that while we were at the Mustard Seed our presence would help the Texans win. ;)  But to no avail did that happen.

There are several cool and fun stuff in store for the upcoming season for the Northwest Packer Backers at the Mustard Seed. We look forward to you all joining us at the Seed. Now it is time for us to get back on track and beat these Lions.

Until Sunday, GO PACK GO!!



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